Visions of Excellence

At Wardco Window and Door Manufacturing, we go beyond developing customer relationships – we build partnerships! Ask any of our dealers and distributors and they will tell you that we go the extra mile to help them be successful. After all, our success can only come from the success of our partners.

If what you are looking for is the lowest priced products with little or no attention paid to quality or service, then keep searching. But if you are looking for the latest innovations, a high attention to detail and quality, and excellent customer service, then you have come to the right place!

We go above and beyond the "status quo" to build great windows and strong partnerships. Innovation and customer service are core to what we do, each and everyday!

Through 2012 and into 2013, we introduced numerous enhancements to our product offering. Here are some of the highlights:

We have partnered with Ashland Hardware to provide North American built hardware for all of our window lines – most recently for Casement and Awning. This hardware provides outstanding strength, reliability and durability – ideal for larger windows and triple glazing.

We have also partnered with PPG Industries – a leader in glazing products designed for energy efficiency. Located in Barrie, Ontario, they are able to meet all or our glass requirements and are offering some of the best glass options in the industry.

Our new Casement and Awning sash design is capable of accommodating 1-3/8” triple glazing as well as standard 3/4” and 1” dual glazing.

With the requirements to meet stricter water penetration numbers for entry systems, we have switched from the typical self-draining door sill to the Can Am adjustable sill. Never before has an in-swing door system performed so well.

Do you need new window coverings to go with those new windows? Wardco offers Royal Platinum Window Coverings that include interior shutters, roller shades, cellular shades, faux wood blinds, and more – all designed the fit with your new windows.

And the innovation does not stop there! Wardco will continue to lead the way in testing and bringing new products and features to the market. No matter what your window and door needs, Wardco Window and Door Manufacturing has the options, the products and the knowledgeable staff to satisfy you.