Jazz Wide Patio Door



The Royal Jazz Wide patio door blends the beauty and elegance of a French door with the strength, durability and functionality of an all-vinyl sliding patio door. Wider sash rails and stiles distinguish this door from the traditional sliding door. Standard sizes range from 5’ two-panel doors up to 12’ three or four-panel doors. With many of the same options as the Opus1, the Jazz Wide is ideal for settings where a French door appearance is desired but the function of a sliding door is required.

Frame Features

  • 5-5/8” all PVC multi-chamber profile
  • Extruded nail fin with full 4-9/16” behind fin
  • Welded or mechanically fastened frame system
  • Anodized aluminum threshold
  • Double continuous weather strips

Sash Features

  • Wide stiles and rails for “French Door” appearance
  • Colonial profile at edge of glass for enhanced detail
  • Vertical stiles reinforced by mechanical stiffeners
  • Sashes are designed for 1” OA insulated glass
  • Twin-point mortise lock is standard
  • High quality nylon tandem ball bearing rollers
  • Compatible with between glass mini blinds
  • Interior glazing beads for easy glass replacement
  • Strong interlocking at the meeting stile area

Screen Options

  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum screen
  • Mitre cut corners
  • Adjustable rollers to provide smoothness of operation without coming off the track
  • Black fiberglass screen mesh


  • Key lock
  • Foot lock
  • Security bar
  • Jamb extensions
  • Brickmould
  • Aluminum sill extensions
  • Euro style metallic finish handles
  • Sidelights and transoms
  • Between glass blinds (restrictions apply. Contact dealer for details)
  • Grills between glass (contact dealer for styles and designs)

Standard Sizes

  • 5’ 2-panel OX or XO
  • 6’ 2-panel OX or XO
  • 8’ 2-panel OX or XO
  • 7.5’ 3-panel OXO
  • 9’ 3-panel OXO
  • 12’ 3-panel OXO
  • 10’ 4-panel OXXO
  • 12’ 4-panel OXXO
  • Custom widths and heights available upon request. Restrictions may apply. Contact dealer for more information.

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