Opus1 Patio Door



The Royal Opus1 patio door is an all-vinyl sliding door system designed with premium features as standard equipment. It ranges in standard sizes from a 5’ two-panel door all the way up to a 16’ four-panel door and comes in standard heights of 79-1/2” and 81-1/8”. Custom sizes, transoms and sidelights are also available. With a thin sash profile, high performance glazing and options like raise/lower and tilt mini-blinds between the glass, the Opus1 is ideal for maximizing light and view without sacrificing performance.

Frame Features

  • 5-5/8” all PVC multi-chamber profile
  • With or without integrated nail fin application
  • Mechanically fastened frame system
  • Full length dual weather stripping in all jambs
  • Full length bulb seal in operable jamb side for increased air tightness
  • High performance 10 degree sloped sill for superior water resistance and drainage
  • All exposed aluminum is anodized to prevent corrosion
  • Standard jamb pocket for a smooth and clean finish
  • Exterior and interior mulling grooves for brickmould, transom and sidelight attachements

Sash Features

  • Mechanically fastened sash system with integrated dual durometer PVC rubber flex
  • Plain and interlock stiles are steel reinforced for superior strength and rigidity
  • Lock stiles are metal reinforced for ease of installation for lock and handle hardware
  • Unique internal drainage system to minimize risk of seal failures
  • Standard 1” insulated glass system with many high efficiency glass options
  • Standard single-point mortise lock and optional twin-point locking system available
  • Adjustable nylon tandem panel rollers, classified as ABEC 5 precision ball bearing system providing years of continuous smooth gliding operation

Screen Options

  • Exclusive nylon screen roller system is designed with a unique spring-loaded suspension and side adjustment screw for ease of installation
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum screen frame with fiberglass mesh for easy removal and adjustability


  • Key lock
  • Foot lock
  • Security bar
  • Jamb extensions
  • Brickmould
  • Aluminum sill extensions
  • Euro style metallic finish handles
  • Sidelights and transoms
  • Between glass blinds (restrictions apply. Contact dealer for details)
  • Grills between glass (contact dealer for styles and designs)

Standard Sizes

  • 5’ (59”) 2-panel OX or XO
  • 6’ (71”) 2-panel OX or XO
  • 8’ (95”) 2-panel OX or XO
  • 7.5’ (87.75”) 3-panel OXO
  • 9’ (105.75”) 3-panel OXO
  • 12’ (141.75”) 3-panel OXO
  • 10’ (115.75”) 4-panel OXXO
  • 12’ (139.75”) 4-panel OXXO
  • 16’ (187.75”) 4-panel OXXO
  • Custom widths and heights available upon request. Restrictions may apply. Contact dealer for more information.

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