Our History

The Beginnings

Twenty five years ago, the Ward family was not thinking about windows and doors. The only thing we knew about windows and entry systems was how to open and close them. A lot has changed since then. We think about windows and doors all the time and how we can make them better.

We started in the industry as installers, supplying installation services for various manufacturers. Through this experience, we have had the opportunity to see, both, good and not so good products.

The quality of some of the product was substandard and attention to detail was non-existent. Yet these manufacturers flourished. We asked ourselves: Why should the unsuspecting public have to settle for product that did not meet their expectations and did not last the “Lifetime” that was promised? It became difficult to stake our reputation on the installation of product we did not believe in. We had to make a change!

“We can do it better”

We certainly learned what not to do and, from an installation standpoint, we knew exactly how to make products “installer-friendly” A true test of the quality of your products is that your installers have to believe in it.

You cannot make a window installer-friendly without adding something substantial to the construction. Wardco has done that with the help of Royal Building Products. Royal supplies Wardco with all the extrusion for our windows and have been doing so since 2005. Royal is, and has been, the industry leader for decades and continue to grow as part of a multi-billion dollar company

The quality of the extrusion we receive allows us to make one of the best vinyl windows available in the industry. While some manufacturers reduce the cost to produce their windows by using thinner vinyl and offshore hardware, we endeavour to make our window better, not cheaper. You will never see metal reinforcement inside our extrusions – they transfer cold – and since we have one of the thickest extrusions around, we do not need reinforcement.

2013 - Year of Change

In 2013, we are recertifying all of our vinyl windows with CSA and Energy Star. We have had great ratings for years and they were in line with competitors, but that is not good enough for us. We have also certified our door systems to meet the new building code requirements. That involved changing sills to a much more expensive, adjustable, fully composite substrate sill system that is the best system we have ever seen. We tried to certify to the new standards with industry common, self-draining sills and they would not make the grade.

We are using Ashland for all our window hardware. Their products have been providing us with outstanding results and, best of all, they are made in North America.

With Royal's help, we launched a brand new casement profile. This profile allow us to utilize sealed glass units from 3/4” to 1-3/8” covering a wide variety of double and triple glazed scenarios and making the product suitable for almost any climate.

We have also redesigned our single hung and double hung windows and, after CSA/NAFS testing and certification, Wardco is proud to announce that our single hung window received the highest grade possible, not only for a single hung window, but for any style of operating window – A3 & B7 (air & water tightness respectively). This window achieved these numbers straight from production, on the first try. No modifications were required and that is unheard of in this industry! This means that there is not a better single hung window available and you would have to look very hard to find one as good.

We redesigned and improved the entire line-up of windows and doors. Sure, we were pleased with the quality of our products, but we cannot sit back on our hands and say: look what we have done in the past. That is what happened in the North American auto industry and gave the off-shore competitors a chance to overtake them. It was a great wake-up call. Look at the outstanding product that comes from our neighbours at Ford now. They did not sit on their hands and they now produce some of the finest vehicles available. You can also bet they are not done making improvements. Neither are we! If you are going to take a page from someone’s book, who better than Henry Ford’s?

With the information superhighway at everyone’s fingertips, the consumer has become much more aware and informed. But that does not eliminate the confusion. If it were that easy, you would not see windows with a life-span of 5 years or less – with 1-year warranties – in million-dollar-plus homes. But that is often the case in order to save a few dollars. It seems funny that one of the most important aspects of a home is the first place people look to save money.

Quality Control

At Wardco, we are never going to offer the bare minimum. You cannot buy windows from us that do not have high performance glass or an energy star rating. You also cannot buy a “builder grade window” from Wardco. We only have one line of windows with accessories available to suit almost any application. Builders, who use our products, do so for the quality and the longevity of the product. They care about the quality of the homes they build or renovate and they want quality windows and doors. The Wardco family cares about the quality of our product and we care about customer satisfaction

If you are a homeowner looking for windows or doors, ask your local builder, contractor or dealer for Wardco Window & Door Manufacturing or contact us and we will put you in touch with an authorized Wardco distributor in your area.

If you are an architect, builder, contractor or dealer, looking for the right window and door products to meet your discerning quality standards, contact us to find out how to become and authorized distributor today.